About Cindy

Born in Florida, Cindy enjoyed considerable success in the USA and competed nationally as a young rider. She won a 5-year scholarship with the United States Equestrian Team, training with the renowned Master of the Cadre Noir, Jack leGoff, and spent a year at l’École National d’Équitation in Saumur, France.

Cindy came to Europe in 1990 in order to experience the toughest competition in the world. Initially training and competing in Great Britain, she moved to Switzerland in 1992 and during her five years there became Swiss National Champion and Coach for the Swiss National Equestrian team. After 25 wonderful years married to a Brit and competing in England,  she and her husband Scott recently returned to the USA. They are based in Washington DC where Scott works, while Cindy splits her time working and competing between Virginia and the Ocala, Florida area.

Her eventing career highlights include representing the USA in the World Championships in Rome, 1998, being short listed for the US Olympic Team in 2000 and 2004, and finishing in the top 12 at Burghley CCI****

She has coached clinics in Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland and the USA. Her experience and contacts in Europe complement her linguistic abilities (she is fluent in German, French, and Spanish) and have allowed her to represent her Sponsors worldwide.

In 2013 a wrist injury introduced her to Myofascial Release and she immediately recognised the modality as a  ‘game- changer’ for sport horses. (For a full explanation of Myofascial Release and how it changed Cindy’s life, click here) In her never-ending quest to make her horses’ lives happier and more comfortable, the winding down of her international career led quite naturally into an equine complementary therapy role which has expanded into human work since 2016. She has pursued and completed her education in Equine Bodywork, Equine Massage, Equine Myofascial Release and Skeletal Mobilization as well as Human Massage and Human Myofascial Release. She still thoroughly enjoys her competition, eventing several horses in Florida.